Weight Loss Success Story

“I am 44 and started to feel like I was in my sixties”

I’m 44 years old. I have two kids, 5 and 11. Let’s just say I started to feel like I was in my sixties with two kids. I was almost 207 pounds and did not have the stamina to go through my day, as well as after school and the other activities. I’ve lost 60 pounds.


Versus other programs I felt Nuviva was more of a lifestyle change and it’s educational based. While other program will tell you to eat this shake or eat this bar. Well what are you going to do afterwards? Are you still going to eat that shake or eat that bar any longer? No, you’re not. What I found with Nuviva is it is more of an education in nutrition, you learn the basic fundamentals. You’re going to learn how to step off and into the next phase of your life.