Weight Loss Success Story

“Nuviva Is A Life Changer”

I wanted a change of pace. I always worked out but I didn’t have the motivation to take it to the next step. Nuviva did that for me. It really has changed my life. It’s the best thing ever. I’ve lost 52 pounds and 47 inches across my whole body, which is great!


My metabolism has increased markedly, my stamina has tripled. I can actually run three miles now without dying!


I feel I can sustain my weight loss because they give you the correct tools you’ll need even after graduating the program. Nuviva is a life changer, its not a quick fix. But if you listen to your coach and the Nuviva team, you will success, I promise.

The biggest positive thing I’ve noticed is my relationship with my husband. My confidence has skyrocketed. Its something I didn’t think I would have before. My husband loved me no matter what, but now I love myself. Its been truly great for me.