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Heather Meade

Hometown: WIlliamsburg, Virginia

I have shown my passion for health and wellness throughout my life. Although I have always been an athlete, I struggled with my weight when I was in college. Bad habits and laziness took over, but I overcame my mind set and made a change. Once I reached my own goals, I knew I wanted to build a life around helping others become healthy and active. I graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance. After I graduated, I moved to Orlando, Florida. I then began my post-grad career as a master trainer at LA Fitness working with a wide range of clients. After two years of helping people reach their fitness goals, I began working at Nuviva Medical Weight Loss. Once I met the family-like staff and saw how passionate they were, I knew it was here that I belonged. I have the compassion and the knowledge to help others reach their goals, not only physically, but mentally. My entire life has brought me to this point and I will stop at nothing to help others be successful.