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My Entire Life Has Changed

I am more comfortable hanging out with my friends and meeting new people than I was before I began at Nuviva. I lost nearly 80 pounds in 14 weeks. I can’t believe the amount of energy ..

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Thank you, Nuviva, for giving me quality of life again.

Nuviva came into my life at a time when everything seemed to be changing. My son’s new marriage, the upcoming birth of my first grandchild, and the inevitable passage we all face as women are bu..

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I'm back to my old self.

After menopause I started gaining weight and could not stop.  A size 4 my whole life, I was totally depressed.  I was living on 1,000 calories a day and could not lose the weight.  I tr..

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Life is great!

As a diabetic for over 8 years I was tired of taking a handful of pills and injecting myself with insulin daily.  One month into my weight loss treatment I was able to quit taking all of my diabe..

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Nuviva has completely changed our family's life!

Struggling with weight was nothing new to me; I have been dealing with it for as long as I can remember. Then I found Nuviva Medical Weightloss, they were like an answer to all my prayers. I had my se..

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