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Nuviva Is A Life Changer

I wanted a change of pace. I always worked out but I didn’t have the motivation to take it to the next step. Nuviva did that for me. It really has changed my life. It’s the best thing ever..

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This Is My Second Chance

Throughout the Nuviva program I’ve lost 75 pounds! I decided to do the program for myself, for my family and to better my health. I was extremely unhealthy and needed to make a change ..

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Get Off The Statins

I wanted someone to help me navigate how to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have been through other nutritional counseling before. I found the Nuviva program to be much more realistic. &n..

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We Decided to Go With The Real Deal

I decided to begin was tired of being overweight. I had tried every other thing on the market. I finally decided to go with the real deal – which is nutrition. My friend from work recommended Nu..

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I couldn't be happier!

I had always been athletic and never had to worry about what I ate. But I began a new birth control that made me swell and gain 40 pounds in a few short months. I didn’t know what to do. After t..

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